Lynn Raridon began working at Forbidden Fruit in 1982, one year after the store opened. Original owner/founder Mark Garfinkel pioneered the concept of the Home Party Sale in Austin and Lynn became one of the first presenters,then worked the counter and managed the shop from 1983-87. She purchased the business in 1987 and with her staff has made it into the iconic and award winning business it is today.In 2011,her sister and long time employee/manager Jere Raridon became a full partner and co-owner of Forbidden Fruit. Lynn is an adjunct faculty member/teacher inthe Kinesiology Department at Austin Community College since 1987. Blissfully married,she is the mother of one. A woman of many talents, Lynn earned her BFA in dance from the University of Texas in 1983. Lynn has been performing in, choreographing and directing musicals in Austin since 1982. In 2004, Lynn transitioned her directing talents into the burlesque revival started in Austin by Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. Currently, Lynn directs most of her talents to event production and serves as Director and Producer of the Texas Burlesque Festival (2008-present) and Co-producer and Talent coordinator for The Austin Zombie Ball (2011). Lynn has been a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the State of Texas and a Director of the Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation and Wolfdog Rescue since 1998.

Jere Raridon has been an integral part of the company’s many faces and phases since 1992. She managed the body arts salon on 6th Street from 1995-2004. Just last year in 2011 she became fully invested with her sister as co-owner of Forbidden Fruit in its current manifestation. As co-owner, one of Jere’s missions is being dedicated to our clientele and ensuring that Forbidden Fruit is stocked with a great selection of quality merchandise at the right price. Jere founded the Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation in 1992 and is a small mammals and raccoon specialist. She absolutely lives for her work with the animal rescue program and currently cares for the Forbidden Fruit’s beloved friend, the wolfdog Kitchi and 3 other wolf-dogs.

Kitchi is a beloved friend of Forbidden Fruit, its staff and clientele. Kitchi means “Great Spirit” in many Algonquian languages. After escaping his cell at the animal shelter at least three times, he was rescued from state custody and euthanasia by the good people at the Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation. He has become a trusted companion to Jere Raridon, one of Forbidden Fruit’s owners and founder of the Wildlife Foundation. He can sometimes be found visiting the shop or the North Loop Neighborhood.

Jonny is originally from Las Vegas where he was a Drag performer before moving to Austin for college where he studied 17th and 18th century poetry. His love of the stage has not abated as he now performs regularly within the Austin Burlesque Community. As Calizoria, the Mistress of Ceremonies with the Bat City Bombshells, he has been producing and running shows throughout Austin for over 4 years from the Red Shed down south, throughout downtown, to as far north as Dallas. Also in the past three years, he has taken over the front of house staffing and box office responsibilities for Forbidden Fruit Productions including the 3 day long Texas Burlesque Festival, Extravagasm Fantasy Ball, and Zombie Ball. His study of all things kink began when he moved from Vegas to Texas and asked the question “Why is this forbidden, but that is not?” The exploration of this question has provided him with the knowledge and resources to truly be considered a Sexpert.